Nuclear Management Partners appoints new chairman

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25 July 2014, Nuclear, Solar, Wind

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The new chair brings extensive experience and knowledge of the nuclear industry, having been both technical director and regulator of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Tom has been with URS, one of the three organisations (URS, AMEC and AREVA) that make up the NMP consortium, since 1986. Based in the UK since 2010, Tom manages URS' European operations, which includes the contract to lead the clean-up of the world's most challenging and complex nuclear site, Sellafield.

Tom Bishop, said: "Since 2008 enormous work has been done by Sellafield Ltd under the leadership of NMP to build an understanding, greater than ever before, of the Site's ageing infrastructure and legacy waste; enabling us now to be able to focus on the decommissioning process in earnest. This is not an easy task and the Sellafield Site will continue to offer immense challenges and uncertainties in every step of the process.

"I am committed to the job of ensuring that NMP successfully leads Sellafield Ltd in its mission and guarantees it is equipped with the skills, capabilities and support needed for the challenges ahead. In doing so, Sellafield Ltd and its supply can further its status as a model for the rest of the world on how nuclear decommissioning should be done."

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