Nexus to secure solar powered generator from Outpost Solar

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4 May 2011, Nuclear, Solar, Wind

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The unit is providing power to the emergency shelter in County Commissioner Dale Strong's community center in North West Huntsville, the area hardest hit.

"According to Councilman Olshefski, who was working from a makeshift command post in the city, it was imperative to get power to an emergency shelter in Dale Strong's district," said Cole Walker. "We contacted Rep. Williams who was actively working the hardest hit area, and he was able to coordinate the delivery of the unique solar generator."

The generator is the creation of former US Marine, Wilson Stevenson of Nashville, Tennessee. The unit was created for use in natural disasters and forward military operations. It allows emergency operations 24-hours a day, seven days a week without resupply. Virtually maintenance-free and able to be quickly secured in the face of imminent danger, these systems can operate for years with only occasional cleaning. The unit has integrated power management systems that allow for real-time monitoring to ensure optimized power usage.

Source: Datamonitor

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