Kyocera delivers solar modules for installation near Turin, Italy

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16 December 2011, Nuclear, Solar, Wind

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The additional 10MW is distributed equally between the Lotti and Petiva sites with 20,640 Kyocera modules installed at each of the two plants. Owing to its high efficiency and ability to reduce the amount of time and materials required for installation, the 60-cell module used for these two new plants is particularly suitable for industrial and utility-scale solar projects, the company said.

These new plants supplement an existing 6MW solar plant located in the Piedmont region, which is operated by Kyocera's partner ENERMILL Energie Rinnovabili. The overall solar park is comprised of 68,100 Kyocera modules producing approximately 20GWh per year of electricity, which is the equivalent energy requirement of roughly 4,500 local households, and off-setting 18,000 tons of CO2 annually, the company added.

Source: Datamonitor

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