Cepsa opens new lubricants warehouse in San Roque, Spain

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12 April 2016, Oil, Gas

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The location of the new warehouse, closeby to the Gibraltar-San Roque Refinery, means it is tightly integrated into the production process from the manufacture to the final distribution of the product, passing through its mixing and packaging phase, storage, to its distribution.

The integration between the two centers means the Company also makes its products more traceable, thereby strengthening its processes and systems as well as the efficiency and speed of service available to customers.

Cepsa's Lubricants Director said that the investment of E14 million in this center "is part of the Company's investment in the future in its industrial plants that are the backbone for our distribution business both in the Iberian peninsula, as well as in the international market."

The center occupies a space of 4,590 square meters, and close to 100 professionals have been involved in the development of the project. It incorporates the latest technology and is established to provide an integral logistics center.

During the development phase of the project the work of Cepsa's Engineering team has been essential, which designed the conceptual engineering of this automated center, while the Company's IT team has been responsible for the complex automatization of all the processes that are carried out inside.

The building, which is fully covered, allows products to be kept in optimal conditions, avoiding any damage to packaging that might be caused by the weather.

Source: MarketLine

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